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Accreditations & Certifications

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Getting Started

Everything you need to get up and running with Operandio

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Operandio for Regional Managers

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Operandio for Managers

A guide for those using Operandio as a manager or administrator

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Operandio for Team Members

A guide for those using Operandio as an employee or staff member

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People & Staff

Manage people and permissions

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Processes & Audits

How to set up all your jobs within Operandio

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Knowledge Base

Upload your training material and create quizzes in the Knowledge Base

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Communications Hub

Create posts, actions and announcements in the Communcations Hub

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Setting up and using training modules and courses

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Mobile & Kiosk Apps

Get Operandio set up on your devices

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Notifications & Alerts

Stay on top of things with triggers, notifications and alerts

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Pricing & Billing

Manage your billing and account charges

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Reporting & Insights

Get insights into how your business is performing

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Managing security permissions and access levels

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